Mauro Carrannante Photography

Working day afternoon, Vimercate, Italy, 2016

Inactive fair, Vimercate, Italy, 2016

Empty flats mail boxes, Trezzo sull'Adda, Italy, 2018

Street scene, Trezzo sull'Adda, 2018

Men at work, Monza, Italy, 2016

Out of order mail box, Ruginello, Italy, 2016

Cleaning the shop, Monza, Italy, 2018

Abandoned wastes, Vimercate, Italy, 2017

Bench, Vimercate, Italy, 2016

Building exterior, Vimercate, Italy, 2016

Porter, Monza, Italy, 2014

Expo exhibition ads, Monza park, Italy, 2015

Warm-up for Sunday jogging, Villasanta, Italy, 2014

Sunday outdoor, Monza park, Italy, 2015

Immigrants waiting for the local train, Carnate, Italy, 2015

The afternoon sun lights up an old lantern, Villa Reale, Monza, Italy, 2017

On the train from Carnate to Monza, Brianza, Italy, 2017

Street scene, Vimercate, Italy, 2016

Aperitive, Vimercate, Italy, 2018

Pedestrian passage, Vimercate, Italy, 2017

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