Mauro Carrannante Photography

Alfama hill view from Carmo neighborhood

One of the narrow streets accessing Alfama from Rossio neighborhood

Street scene thru car window at Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Alfama neighborhood

Traffic jam on the narrow streets climbing Alfama hill

Young woman sitting at a bar in Alfama

Alfama hill dominates Lisbon. It is the most popular landscape place to visit in the city

Steep stairways are the typical pedestrian passages in Alfama

Street scene in Alfama. Despite of the massive tourism, daily life bases on traditions

Entrance door in Alfama.

Street scene in Alfama. Elderly people usually live in the flats, while tourism is for youngsters

Interior of a typical Alfama bistrot. Venues are set in traditionally, to be attractive for tourists

Inhabitants of Alfama negatively perceive mass tourism nowadays

Venues for tourists changed the landscape of the neighborhood throughout the years

A family of tourists thru a pedestrian passage in the heart of Alfama

Despite the mass tourism, traditions rule Alfama. Typical azulejos and drying clothes are everywhere

Old images of Alfama hang on the walls as remembrance of the past

Not only mass tourism. A Japanese woman draws a stairway, captured by Alfama's atmosphere

Alfama is inspirational for many people. A young lady practicing lonely yoga on a terrace

Street scene in Alfama. Young couple kissing at a bar. Alfama is recognized as a romantic venue

View by a terrace in Alfama.

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